10th Global Oils and Fats Forum USA 2017

Lock this event in your calendar. This year, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council through our Regional USA Office is pleased to announce the 10th Global Oils & Fats Forum which is scheduled to be held on October 4, 2017 at the Tun Hussein Hall, Embassy of Malaysia, Washington DC. The theme for this year’s forum is “Oils & Fats Market Watch : Advancing Sustainability and Overcoming Challenges”. This theme is specially chosen since the event will highlight current issues such as global market outlook, economic benefits, sustainability and other challenges impacting the global oils and fats industry.

Register today to be a part of this event whilst taking advantage of the opportunity to harness knowledge about the oils and fats growth dynamics, sustainability and sustenance opportunities. Do not miss this opportunity to meet and interact with the world’s most prominent and knowledgeable speakers as well as networking with representatives of major oils and fats companies.

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